The Brock & Poole Mysteries

Detective Sergeant Guy Poole’s past is always just behind him, despite his fresh start at Bexford police station, Addervale. There he is paired with Detective Inspector Sam Brock, as gruff on the outside as he is gooey on the inside, he’s determined that his label of ‘The Cursed Detective’ won’t come back to haunt him.

The Mary Blake Mysteries

Mary Blake had it all. Actress, icon and darling of the nation, she was the queen of TV crime drama… then she turned fifty.

The Hammond & Circle Mysteries

1920’s England – A group of strangers are invited to the reading of a will at an isolated House.

Tensions rise when the will reveals that there are conditions to inherit the vast fortune left by the mysterious Mr Badala.

Between them, they must find the truth.

A storm rages across the ancient landscape, cutting them off from civilisation. When one of the group dies in an apparent accident, paranoia and accusations grow.

The group soon realises there is far more at play here than the mere reading of a will.