A.G. Barnett writes traditional mysteries with a cosy flavour. 

Book 2 in The Mary Blake Mysteries

When Mary Blake is called to help an old acquaintance who’s being blackmailed, the last thing she expected was to find herself in the midst of a murder investigation… again.

However, within 24 hours of her taking on the case there is a suspicious death and the staff of the Rudolph Hotel are thrown into chaos before their big Christmas event.

With the police unconvinced of foul play, Mary throws herself into the case along with her assistant Dot and her brother Pea, attempting to track down the killer and prove themselves for the new career they have planned.

What readers are saying…

“An old fashioned whodunnit. Will keep you guessing long enough with unexpected twists. Great for a weekend read, if you like Inspector Poirot and Miss Marple then you’ll love Brock and Poole. Book one of a series that is sure to become a fan favorite.”

“Once started, I couldn’t put it away as I followed the storyline with it’s twists and turns”

“I love this & I can’t wait for more”

“If you love a good murder mystery then this book is for you”

“More tangled strings than a well worn blanket! A cozy mystery to curl up with!”

“This is a really good book I can recommend to anyone wanting a good whodunnit that has humour, love and a hint of romance in it also”

“I have rarely read a new police centered series that is to a better start, with three characters you really want to root for, a couple that you want to hiss at every time they come on stage, a Christie-like plot filled with red herrings,and a murderer very different than the usual psychopathological serial killer”